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I have 8 years experience in translating and I'm a sworn translator in RSM.

I've translated different types of documents such as legal, financial, medical and technical ones (e.g. vehicle log books). Most of my clients are lawyers and notaries, but there are also banks, insurance agencies, professional accountants and of course private customers.

In these years I have created a reliable employment relationship with them and they have recommended me to other colleagues. With each freelance project I undertake, I guarantee high professional quality delivered on deadline with special attention to detail. Please contact me for more information.











Miss Cristina Conti has been collaborating as a translator with our Lawyer's and Notary's Firm since 2010, promptly carrying out with care and accuracy the various assignments. She has therefore proven skilful professional competence and confidentiality, important and fundamental peculiarities when working with our Office. 

Selva Law's and notary's Firm - Rep. San Marino


Miss Cristina Conti has been collaborating with our bank,

translating documents, since 2009.

The main qualities we have appreciated in Cristina Conti during these years of collaboration are her skilful professional competence as well as her honesty and fairness.

She has promptly carried out the various assignments with seriousness and efficiency, respecting the delivery timing and the costs initially estimated.

I also wish to remark that throughout these years she has always respected the need of confidentiality required to her position.

For all the aforesaid features she has become a precious collaborator of our Bank.

Mr. E. Cesarini Deputy General Manager

Banca di San Marino - Rep. San Marino