Ciao, my name is Cristina. 

I'm an Italian teacher and sworn translator since 2007.

I have a Master Degree in Foreign Languages - German and English - from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a Post-graduate certification in Public Services interpreting. 

In 2010 I began my teaching career as English and German teacher in Schools, evening classes for adults and private tuition.


In 2013 I moved from my home town in San Marino to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Here I started working as an Italian Teacher very soon and I used to teach Italian in schools further to evening classes and private tutoring.

As a teacher I believe that learning a new language means hard work but also lots of fun. That`s why in my lessons you`ll find grammar exercises and language games like role-playing, grammar table games, and so on.

I also organize language events on a monthly basis such as language meet ups and Italian movie nights. 


In January 2017  I moved to Munich, Germany for a new adventure!


"The site is attractive, colourful and informative. I am one of Cristina's 'mature' students. I find her teaching progressive, and her technique varied to individual student requirements, but mostly for me, she makes the difficulties of grammar fun! I am making slow progress, and look forward to many more sessions. I have also been to two Italian films arranged by Cristina and find them very funny, and useful to align my ears to the language."


 "It is a nice and useful web. I really recommend it, for Italians because they can find very useful information, and I would also recommend it for English people that want to learn Italian"


Cristina is a wonderful teacher to our young daughter! Her teaching style is so adaptable and effective and our daughter always leaves her lesson full of enthusiasm and curiosity not just about the language but the Italian culture, too- Cristina manages to create a very thorough understanding of both aspects during her lessons. As a teacher she is very considerate of our daughter's school schedule and other commitments and makes sure not to overwhelm her with work.

We definitely recommend her !


I really enjoyed your classes. Teaching a mixed-ability group is never easy, and you always managed to get everyone to contribute to the conversations. The role-playing sessions were particularly good. Your teaching style is highly adaptable to the students' needs, and for an Oldie like me some formal grammar teaching was most welcome. I really appreciated the time and trouble you took over our homework - one does not really learn a language until one starts writing it!